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Napisano 04 May 2014 - 20:58

Want google verified Proxies lists ? Here is the solution Proxy Raider the Nextgen Generation proxy scraper!
Try the demo or get the fullversion at !


- Scanning of class A to C IP ranges for an unlimited amount of ports
- Ability to scan each class C of a loaded IP list for additional proxies
- Unique randomized IP generator to scan for proxies
- Scraping of proxy IP's from websites (proxy lists)
- Search Engine Scraping of sites that list proxies (and extraction + verification of IPs in one process)
- Heuristic scraping: de-obfuscation of proxy IP+port on websites that use javascript to hide the data
- Javascript unpacker (sandboxed)
- Verification of proxy lists against Google or custom sites
- Verification of private proxy lists that require authentication
- Ability to use internal proxies for scraping
- Proxy type (Anonym/Transparent) and speed analysis
- Internal GEO IP database
- Multithreads (unlimited)
- Pure sockets implementation, no insecure webbrowser controls
- Blacklist of IP ranges to avoid (mostly .gov and .mil)
+ more!

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